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Steph Simon


Steph Simon, born on November 4, 1987, has distinguished himself as an ambassador
that exposes you to the best that the city of Tulsa has to offer. He continuously creates
platforms that empower creatives and individuals of all types to freely exist and express
themselves. Since 2016, through the leadership of Steph Simon, Oklahoma’s largest
Hip-Hop festival originally named “World Culture Music” and now known as “Dreamland
Music and Arts Festival” has highlighted the vibrant culture and premier talent of Tulsa.
Featured in the OWN Network’s docuseries "Rebuilding Black Wall Street" Episode 5,
"The Mansion," the metamorphosis of the Brady Mansion into the Skyline Mansion,
under the stewardship of Felix Jones, a childhood friend of the artist, illustrates the city's
rich hidden narratives and landmarks.

the mission

Since 2015, Steph has released three independent solo projects, “Visions from the
Tisdale,” “Born on Black Wall Street,” and “Diamonds from the Tisdale”. His most
notable work, “Fire In Little Africa”, gained him national exposure as an artist and
executive producer after its release by Motown Records on May 31, 2021. This
multimedia hip-hop project inspired by the legacy of Black Wall Street, showcases the
talents of over 40 Oklahoma artists. Steph Simon was featured on the hit single “Party
Plane” in collaboration with Tulsa’s own artist Dialtone and the legendary Charlie Wilson
of the Gap Band. Simon is the founder and director of The EIU Foundation. He
presently oversees programs like TMC Records, which is a unique high school record
label at Tulsa McLain High School in North Tulsa, OK. This program has provided
aspiring students the opportunity to record, produce and monetize original content as an
elective course. Steph’s ambition extends well beyond well North Tulsa as he intends to
integrate the program to all high schools within the Tulsa Public School system as he
believes students should be able to go to college on scholarship for Hip-Hop.

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